Accepted reasons for backdating income support

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This would be for the period between when you want your award of Housing Benefit to start and when you actually make your claim.If you are over pension credit age, the law requires us to automatically treat your claim for Housing Benefit as being made 3 months before we actually received your claim.

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If they can be backdated will it be processed automatically or would I have to request it from DWP?

Thank You for any help Your husband's PIP claim has been handled very quickly, which sounds as if it has gone via the 'special rules' route.

My best wishes to you both at what might be a difficult time.

This rule also applies to men over pension credit age but less than aged 65 who are NOT in receipt of Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance (Income based) or Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related).

Applied on behalf of Hubby for PIP Oct 14th 2013, Hubby had assessment Dec 16th 2013, Rang Atos today and report has moved out of Audit and is at closure before being passed to DWP.

It is up to you to show that you had good reason throughout the whole period.

It does not have to be the same reason throughout the period.We can sometimes backdate the start of your Housing Benefit for up to one month before the date you claimed. We can sometimes backdate the start of your Council Tax Support for up to six months before the date you claimed.In all cases you must have good reason for not claiming sooner, throughout the period that you are requesting backdating for.If we refuse to backdate your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you can appeal against our decision .In your request for backdating, you need to tell us the date you want to have your claim paid from and also the circumstances that prevented you from making your application earlier.Sometimes Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support customers think we should pay their benefit from a date before we receive their claim. Backdating is sometimes possible but only in limited circumstances.