Biblical view of validating feelings

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Pseudonymity was used as a means of validating the message of these authors to their own generation.

(4) Its pseudonymity: because of the ascendance of the Mosaic law in the Judaism of this period, these apocalyptic revelations were often attributed to great men of the past, who were either exponents of the law like Moses and Ezra, or precursors of it like Enoch, Abraham, and the patriarchs.

There are distinct similarities but even more important differences between canonical and noncanonical apocalypses.

The visions of Daniel provide the archetype that the later apocalypses imitate, and the records visions given to the apostle in similar symbolic forms.

Many modern critics place Daniel in these times, but there are valid reasons for an earlier date.

These writings seldom embody any genuine subjective visionary experiences.

It is no accident that the period when such writings flourished (c.200 -a.d 150) was an age of persecution for both Jews and Christians, spanning the Maccabean Wars, the fall of Jerusalem, and the Bar-Kochba uprising, and including the persecutions of Nero and Domitian.

Although a few complete books like Daniel, 2 (in the Apocrypha*), and Revelation* can be firmly classified under this term, apocalyptic describes a style of writing, elements of which can be discerned in quite different literary categories, such as Isaiah (24-27), Ezekiel (38, 39), Joel (3:9ff.), Zechariah (9-14), and Mark (13).This is frequently preceded by the most dreadful persecution of the faithful and a period of conflict between the forces of good and evil.Satan and his demonic satellites feature strongly, as do messianic and angelic figures.After the days of the postexilic prophets, God no longer spoke to Israel through the living voice of inspired prophecy.The prophetic forecasts of the coming of God’s kingdom and the salvation of Israel had not been fulfilled. God no longer offered words of comfort and salvation to his people., means “revelation” or “unveiling,” and is applied to these writings because they contain alleged revelation of the secret purposes of God, the end of the world, and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.

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