Blog married but dating

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Blog married but dating - emily maynard and chris harrison dating

But two nights ago, sitting at home bored, my hubby suggested we give it a look and see what was going on.We drove the fairly short distance to the place and were quite disappointed that only one other car was there.

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That morning my husband woke up kinda smiling and looked confused, I have been asking him to consider letting me suck another man's cock for a while now.

Anyway I asked him why he was acting weird and he said that he had a crazy dream.

I was surprised at her answer, and quite turned on. This way I could suck like I'm sucking mine, imagine giving my own balls a saliva bath and cumming ...

Hi, So about a week ago my husband's best friend was coming out to the house for dinner and drinking and was going to spend the night.

A 'friend’ told us about a local meeting place which was quite close to our home in fact.

We have been considering going for a while but just never got up the courage to do so.

And I'm certain that many of my friends still do as well.

It's almost a given that she will play some kind of game with one of my friends.

After we left the bathroom to let her dry off and Dave looked at me as if to see if that was okay. When Andy a nice guy in his 40's, returned to work with our company (after a few years away and before I started work there), we were made work partners. It has always been a fantasy of mine to see my lovely wife 'E' being fucked by a hung guy and I could not erase the thought of her being fucked by Andy.

They said his nickname used to be "12" on account of his cock, but Andy said they were exaggerating, it is only 8 inches. So I took the bull by the horns one day and nervously asked Andy if he would be up for it. Hi, My wife has been been showing off for me for over ten years, and I still love it!

Two weeks ago, she was in the shower and we surprised her by throwing a cold glass of water on her by surprise which got the desired 'shreik' we wanted.