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There are outraged fans all over the Internet who are demanding her return; however, season five has finished filming and Brandy Norwood was introduced as Bell’s character’s love interest. It is interesting that neither Daniel nor any of her castmates have acknowledged that she is not on season five in the media.

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Tasha Mack will focus on getting back in the dating game.' And the messages show how the long-serving Buckingham Palace steward was evidently held in high esteem by the princess, as, in one poignant exchange, she confides in Mr Dickman about the death of her grandmother.The letters are expected to fetch some £15,000 when they go under the hammer in Cambridge along other items including Christmas cards from Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (centre).During season four, Daniel’s character checked out after six episodes to “go find herself”.I can understand that it must have been very disappointing to have such an integral role suddenly side-lined because of someone else’s career obligations.' Another dated October 17, 1992, reads: 'The boys are well and enjoying boarding school a lot, although Harry is constantly in trouble!

' She also described how she and Prince Charles reacted to Harry's birth: 'The reaction to one tiny person's birth has totally overwhelmed us and I can hardly breathe for the mass of flowers that are arriving here!

Clearly, both Daniel and her large fanbase were disappointed.

I am unable to find Daniel doing anything that would have made her unavailable for season five, but she appears not to be appearing on the season.

It seems that when Bell became a recurring character, Daniel’s role was simply written out.

She may not have realize that her last six episodes would be her last until she got the scripts at filming.

I decided that I should probably start answering y’alls email questions here.