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‘Ladytramp’ and ‘Cheeky Angel’ are what greeted me. However, I swallowed my pride, looked past these initial worries (well, ‘Friend of Brad Pitt’ man could come in handy one day?) and decided to see for myself what one of these events was actually like.

) and yes – there is normally a ‘view guests’ button, minus photos!

I, like most women have the fantasy of meeting my perfect man, in the perfect situation and him saying the perfect lines.

So having an evening arranged where you get to meet 30 candidates who are all hoping for the same thing, and are not a) attached b) gay and c) homicidal is like getting a lifeline thrown to you when your drowning. Signing up Before I sussed it out first hand I decided to have a look at how easy it is to sign up for one of these events and see if I could get an idea of who I would be sharing three minutes of my life with.

Then, both the men and the women are giving ‘flirt’ cards, which have the profiles of all the people that you are going to meet. People normally stay at the bar after the event to carry on drinking and to either bitch about the amount of losers there are there with your fellow gender, or carry on the flirting with your lucky match.

So ladies, pack away your trepidation, have that glass of wine before you leave the house and go and let the men fawn over you in the old traditional style, as they vie to win your affection and a mark on your flirt card.

Also to protect any of you before you throw yourselves out to the sharks.

(I can tell what your thinking, but no, it’s not because I haven’t had a date in a few weeks and I fancy my chances… At first you’ll be thinking ‘Oh it’s only three minutes, I can fill that time up no problem’ but from the look of some peoples faces when they got stuck with that Gary Barlow fan, three minutes can feel like a long, slow lifetime!

Hmmm…) The speed dating experience Arriving at the event I decided to view from the sidelines and see how the people interacted with each other and to see how the event was actually co-ordinated. The event lasts for about two hours and you generally see about 30 people in a night with a break half way through for drinks and a chat.

To give you the basic gist of what happens, the ladies are allocated a table at which they will sit at for the whole event. After its all finished you hand in your ‘flirt’ cards to the organisers who will then email you the next day and let you know who has picked you and if you have any love matches!

Step one: As soon as you arrive you will be asked to write your name and contact details on a sheet Step two: Take a seat, girls one side, boys the other. Because like you I picture sad, unattractive, middle aged people all clinging on to their last hope of finding true love. There are many reasons why this could be – it’s a bit of fun and it’s different to the normal night down the pub.

You have three minutes to find out as much about each other as possible. By the time you have reached your last speed dater you will have noted the number of every potential ‘date’ you have met in that time. Step four: After the event you will be contacted with your match details via e-mail or text. But I have a sneaking suspicion its more than that.

uk was the first result that appeared and to start with the letter X at the front of the title I assumed it was X-rated – or perhaps dating for people looking for a quick encounter – but I read on and it turned out to just be a funky name for a simple speed date service in London. 8.30 we arrived and were handed a piece of paper with ruled lines on it from 1 to 20 and given a sticker and a pen to write our name and stick it on your jumper – or ball gown – whatever youre wearing.

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