Dating glass containers incorporated bottles

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There have been other glass manufacturers involved in the production of Avon glassware, although I am not sure of their identities, if so.

These variations in punctuation were common and probably reflected the whim of the mold engraver, thus having little or no importance (i.e. Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory.For more information on Avon bottle prices, I would suggest Bud Hastin’s which is no longer in hardcopy but is available for sale online as an e-book digital download. To access the main “Glass Bottle Marks” pages, (an alphabetical listing of glass manufacturer’s marks) click here which takes you to “Page One”.Researcher/historian Tod Von Mechow has compiled a large quantity of in-depth information on antique beer bottles, including both pottery and glass bottles.” and “is this bottle worth the hassle of listing on ebay? Generally speaking, I may not be able to answer questions concerning bottles with only mold or catalog numbers embossed on the base.(Please see my webpage on numbers on the bottom of bottles). Paquette, Bill Lindsey, Carol Serr, and Mark Newton, as well as many others.Another source of confusion was the common practice of engraving the “G” (especially in the 1880-1920 period) to appear very close in similarity to a “C”, the only difference between the two being a small “tail” pointing in a downward or “southeasterly” direction on the lower right-hand side of the letter G. I will occasionally be adding more data to these pages as I uncover more accurate information.

The info presented on this site is the most accurate I’ve been able to find at present, but any comments (pro or con), clarifications or corrections (preferably backed up with , but please be aware that I’m not an appraisal service, and I may not respond to queries along the general lines of “what is this jar worth?be a glass manufacturer’s mark and so may not be listed here. Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base.This is very frequently the case, especially with soda, mineral water, beer and other bottles of the 1880-1930 period, in which the initial(s) of the “end user” (such as the bottler, brewery, drug manufacturer, or other firm for which the bottle was made) appear embossed on the base. initials of early glass companies) may vary slightly in appearance and punctuation from one bottle to another. These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory.Some of the less abundant pieces in this pattern may demand decent prices, but the most common pieces are still around in rather large quantities (such as the goblets, shown here) and can be seen frequently at antique stores and flea markets.The goblets (small wine glasses) were made over a number of years, and the base embossing may differ slightly from piece to piece.pattern tableware set, with production lasting from 1975 to 1993.

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