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An ex-bank-employee takes the bank hostage; when he agrees to release the bystanders he finds that his main victim, Lydecker, is replaced by Chance.After the attempted murder of Stephanie Dobbs (Tricia Helfer), the designer of a Californian bullet train, she hires Chance to protect her. Chance accompanies her on the train's first voyage – a three-hour trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Chance disguised as Martin Gill, a passenger, boards the plane along with Winston disguised as a flight attendant to identify both hacker and assassin.We serve propane vehicle fleets and propane forklift users and can often work on the engines that power their fleets.Propane engine conversion is available at our location in northwest Houston where we can convert vehicles, generators and small engines for propane use.Green's Blue Flame Gas is a locally owned and operated propane company that is as established as its native Houston owners and family of loyal employees.We pride ourselves in claiming to be a full service propane company, and we are even more proud to be serving the southeast Texas communities that we live in.Our main office is also the supply point for our bulk delivery bobtails and home to our service and operations staff.

Green's Blue Flame Gas Company is Houston based, family owned and service oriented. Chance is hired by Tennant (Alessandro Juliani) to protect a hacker (Ali Liebert) that is flying over to meet him.The hacker, who goes by the screen name Casper discovered 'the skeleton key' to the internet, a means to bypass all security.Propane is used in a number of applications, the most common being a heating fuel.While the Houston heating season is limited, our location, size and industrial presence bring an inherent need for propane in many capacities.Chance is hired to protect a district attorney who is running from her family's past and marked for murder because of her investigation into an organized crime family.