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Really.)In a long, far-ranging, and sometimes infuriating interview, we talked about the reactions to her “audit” videos, whether her gender plays a role in the backlash, and why she doesn’t consider herself a Creationist.We also discussed why she believes not censoring the Internet in a local library’s adult section sanctions “taxpayer funded access to child porn.” (In response to her battle with the Orland Park Public Library, readers of this site raised nearly $7,000 for the library’s general fund.)We’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast.

It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.” There’s no doubt there have been changes in her appearance since her Hollywood debut, but with no admission from the star, we’re still questioning whether she’s had anything done.But she’s a Hollywood actress and her face is everywhere – discrete work could easily be done with the world’s best surgeons on your doorstep.Her perfect face does have to keep her on the big screen too. Evening: still-aching limbs from a football match played 48 hours previously. Afternoon: phone calls with estate agents and surveyors and mortgage advisors.Growing up has clearly had an impact on Megan as there are 5 years difference between the above photos We’ve all seen endless make-up tutorials on You Tube and the amazing work make-up artists can create (remember she’s in make-up everyday on set and has personal stylists at her beck and call!

) – a plumpier pout could always be easily achieved with a good lip liner!

More recent photos show a more refined and narrow nose, as well as a smoother nasal tip.” 2009 2010 2014 From one movie to the next, her features have become more chiselled in appearance with a sharp bone structure that has sparked gossip everywhere online – has she or hasn’t she used facial fillers?

Many surgeons have stated that she has turned to Botox and fillers to smooth her forehead, plump up her lips and enhance her cheeks for a fuller look. Schulman agrees: “Her lips are more full and her cheekbones are higher.

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