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If you act like an idiot and belittle people, even ironically, you're on the wrong website.- All of the streamers are moderators and they are not abusive with their power, so if you get banned, you probably deserved it.- While a streamer is streaming, don't insult them and request another streamer to stream.- We're primarily a video-game website, so please refrain from posting stuff that doesn't belong here.

With users logged in, you can connect to others’ Facebook or Twitter pages (depending on what they decide to log in to.) Chatwing offers some key features: Admin: With those four steps, Chatwing is live on your website.

For an alternative that integrates into Word Press (only) as a plugin, there is Ajax Chat.

It lacks the versatility of Chat Wing and Chatango, but for users running on Word Press who want a simple click and go, Ajax Chat would be the easiest option. For example, live chat can help create a feeling of community by allowing visitors to communicate with one another; it can also be used to solve problems instantly as a support line.

There is no need to post butts, boobs or just about anything else that has no merit outside of showing people what kind of porn you like.

We are not an amateur porn site, nor do we want to be.

It’s quick to set up and is compatible with virtually any website, whether running on Word Press, Joombla, or anything else.

Website visitors can login to Chatwing’s widget by connecting their Facebook account, Twitter, or registering as a guest.It's not like Chatango which you cannot have display name appear as chat rooms or profiles, it's harder for me to familiarize.I'm looking for a Roleplay chat site that are newer than Xat and Chatango where it's optional to get an account even though both are optional to create accounts, I'm also looking for a site that has quite less ads.This way viewers can decide if they want to actually check it out.- The chat is fast enough as it is.We have no tolerance for spammers and posting something multiple times in a row can result in a ban.- Please keep your posts to a minimum.The chat moves very fast and it can be slowed down by keeping all your thoughts in one post.