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An integrated petrographic and chemical approach is here employed in order to determine the provenance of short-necked amphoras, transport stirrup jars, Egyptian jars, and Canaanite jars.The results reveal a detailed picture of local jar production within southern Crete, as well as jars that have their origins in the Nile Delta and at several specific locations along the Levantine coast.

A biographical approach to the study of material culture reveals that an object’s meaning usually varies in different episodes of its life history.This article describes the initial phase of investigations at Kalamianos, a recently discovered Mycenaean coastal settlement on the Saronic Gulf in the southeastern Corinthia.To date 50 buildings and 120 rooms of Late Helladic IIIB date have been identified at the site, which is unique for the excellent preservation of aboveground architectural remains.Display 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries at a time, and navigate results at the bottom of the page.Click an article's “Download” link to read on-screen with PDF software (e.g., Adobe Reader), or save the file to a reading device.This article presents the evidence for Early Archaic ritual activity on the site of a Late Bronze Age cemetery a short distance outside the walls of Troy, at a spot known to excavators as “A Place of Burning.” Here, as at the West Sanctuary adjacent to the citadel, the evidence follows a pattern similar to that found in hero and ancestor cults at other sites.

Growing population in the region may have led the inhabitants of Troy to use associations with Bronze Age remains as a way of strengthening territorial claims and bolstering the power of the local elite.

In this image, mythical narrative, spectacle, and the socialization of adolescence are carefully woven together.

This article reports on the excavation of Archaic houses (6th-early 5th century B. Five houses are discussed: four on the South Acropolis on the periphery of the civic center, and one on the North Acropolis.

Online access is not required to read these articles once they have been downloaded, and there is no limit to the number of articles that readers can save for future use.

The articles are free of digital rights management (DRM), but are protected under the Creative Commons BY-NC license that allows for downloading and sharing articles, as long as the ASCSA and Recent summaries and overviews of the development of ancient catapults have mistaken working hypotheses for established fact.

Beyond the site is another large Mycenaean architectural complex, as well as small fortified enclosures and terrace walls also dating to the Bronze Age.

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