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Paul, Dating, and Corinth: The Gallio Inscription and Pauline Chronology. 4 Many speculated that some fragments belonged to a different inscription, and therefore various translations have been offered.

In summary, the maximal time window for the expulsion of Jews from Rome is January AD 41 (the accession of Claudius) until January AD 53 (18 months prior to the latest possible end of Gallio's term and thus the latest date for Paul's trial).

An example of Acts' importance is seen when dating Paul's appearance before Gallio, a Roman proconsul of Achaia. After correlating the events mentioned by both Luke and Paul, scholars are able to seek out extra-Biblical information in determining a date for this event.

In a thesis at the University of Paris from 1905 Emile Bourget published four fragments of an inscription from Delphi.[1] The inscription clearly mentions Gallio as proconsul (anthupatos) of Achaia and the 26th acclamation of the Caesar. This raises the interesting possibility of dating the event Acts describes.

Gallio was proconsul of Achaia in AD 51-52, as noted in an inscription found at Delphi. This became an important date in establishing a chronology in the life and missionary work of Paul, as Paul was accused by the people of Achaia, before Gallio.[1].

9 fragments. Length: 11+ lines of writing. were to trans[fer as citi]zens [to these regions, ...] DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. 1. How does this document help date Paul's encounter with Gallio described in Acts 18:12?

An inscription at Delphi dates Gallio's tenure to 51-52. ce. ; Acts 18:12-17 describes Paul being brought before Gallio by Jews and accused of encouraging worship practices contrary to the law.

Narrowing the date: When was Paul brought before Gallio? Acts 18:11-12 states that Paul stayed a year and six months in Corinth. References to this time in l Clement 5 and the Muratorian Fragment make it probable that he visited Spain.

The so-called Gallio Inscription is a collection of nine fragments, one of which is pictured here, of a letter written by the Roman Claudius writes of receiving advice on the subject from a procounsul named Gallio, the Roman senator who dismissed the charge brought by the Jews against Paul in Acts.

But Gallio was not going to trouble himself by listening to any defence. He took no notice whatever of Paul. And Paul may have suspected many of these facts as little as "the sweet Gallio" did.

A fragment of a rescript from Claudius to the Delphians of Greece has been discovered, which refers to Gallio's An inscription from Delphi helps in dating Gallio's term as proconsul of Achaia. 14, 15. (a) What accusation did the Jews launch against Paul, and why did Gallio dismiss the case?
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