How to be patient when dating

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How to be patient when dating - internet dating solutions

you need to live in the present and enjoy the moments...Yep when a guy asks you to be patient he is under pressure in the relationship some how..

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Classic role play - just like the old stand-by "Me Tarzan, you Jane". These are matters that a man must consider before entering into a relationship or more pointedly as we enter a relationship.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I guess I will hang around until something better comes along or maybe that they are really unsure of where things are headed....????

I was recently asked to be "Be Patient" and that never happened to me before. I'm a first timer here so your feed back and comments are appreciated.

He senses your expectations and that's putting pressure on him which could easily push him away.

It's a bit like stopping to admire and enjoy a pretty oil painting in a shop when the sales guy comes along and tries to persuade you to buy it...

It means quit acting like the spoiled kid who wants everything NOW NOW NOW! Being patient means to wait until you have the money in the checking account before buying something, rather than putting it on your credit card and having to pay interest for the next 40 years because you never pay more than the minimum payment...

(more like the rest of your life because you keep charging more too)What were you asked to ``Be patient'' about? He's checking out his other option's before commiting to you ..time he tell's you to be patient... He wants to get an idea of who you are and if you are safe to be with.

Well you getting that from a man puts whole new perspective .

Usually it's said by the woman i feel time is the key if one is feeling uneasy unsure or making decision's they could ask you to wait so they can either proceed or cancel in all fairness give the room needed you will know when time is right were you stand it took me a month to get the answer i was looking for was told to bear with her be patient now i'm in blissful love just because i respected her wishes .

Writing it Down Overcoming Impatience Seeing the Big Picture Stepping Back Community Q&A It has never been easy to be patient, but it's probably harder now than at any time in history.

In a world where messages and information can be sent across the world instantly, everything is available with only a few clicks of the mouse.

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