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His appearances have frequently come back to bite him throughout his election campaign.

Most recently, his lewd and derogatory comments about Lindsay Lohan, including speculating about what sex with her would be like, have resurfaced.

“No one has sort of advocated that step where you go, ‘Hey, I’m going to invade someone’s space.’” Stern admitted that his show could in some ways be perceived as an attempt to recreate locker room banter in a public domain.

, appearing on the programme more than two dozen times from the late 90s until the 2000s.

Jealous wife is a beautiful thing however our culture and society has perverted it in such a manner that people.

The two words “locker-room” and “talk” have dominated political discourse in the past two weeks and arguably come to symbolise Donald Trump’s fall from grace.

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Filter on instagram and buys other people's ancient family treasures on Etsy this is how they are viewed by others and society right online Five this video.

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