John gray dating

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John gray dating

In addition to tapping posttraumatic difficulties, the TSCC appears to be sensitive to the effects of therapy for abused children (e.g., Cohen & Mannarino, 1992; Lanktree & Briere, 1995) and the effects of child protection systems intervention (e.g., Henry, 1997).

Each symptom item is rated according to its frequency of occurrence using a four point scale ranging from 0 ("never") to 3 ("almost all of the time"). Sebre, S., Sprugevica, I., Novotni, A., Bonevski, D., Pakalniskiene, Popescu, D., Turchina, T., Friedrich, W., & Lewis, O. Cross-cultural comparisons of child-reported emotional and physical abuse: rates, risk factors and psychological symptoms. Longitudinal investigation of the relationship among maternal victimization, depressive symptoms, social support, and children's behavior and development. The TSCC has been translated into several languages in order to study the effects of trauma in other cultures. For example, research on the French Canadian translation suggests that it has validity for Franco-Quebec children (Wright, Friedrich, Cyr, Theriault, Perron, Lussier, & Sabourin, 1998). The TSCC evaluates posttraumatic symptomatology in children and adolescents (ages 8 to 16, with normative adjustments for 17 year-olds), including the effects of child abuse (sexual, physical, and psychological) and neglect, other interpersonal violence, witnessing trauma to others, major accidents, and disasters.

The scale measures not only posttraumatic stress, but also other symptom clusters found in some traumatized children. The items of the TSCC are explicitly written at a level thought to be understood by children eight years of age or older.

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Childhood maltreatment, posttraumatic stress symptomatology, and adolescent dating violence: considering the value of adolescent perceptions of abuse and a trauma mediational model.

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Which instruments are most commonly used to assess traumatic event exposure and posttraumatic effects?