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Although documented in pre-war literature on synagogues in the region, this structure, now a bathhouse in a hospital complex, was thought to have been destroyed during World War II.

During the summers of 19, researchers from the Center for Jewish Art broadened the Center’s extensive survey and documentation work of Jewish treasures in this country.

The team traveled on to Kharkov, a large industrial city in eastern Ukraine, built almost two hundred years ago. Their distinguished buildings, designed for both the Jewish and general community, helped to make Kharkov one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

Although Jews settled in Kharkov only in the second part of the nineteenth century, they thrived as a community that numbered amongst its members a surprising number of successful architects, among them A. By the early part of the twentieth century, Kharkov was home to five impressive synagogues, as well as a Karaite kenasa, all of which were active until 1917.

Boris Khaimovich also led this expedition assisted by five researchers from the Jewish University in St. Researchers covered more than 2,500 kilometers during three weeks of documenting during the summer of 1999.

Petersburg including topographer and architect, Dr. Their journey in the region of Volyn started in the city of Polonnoe, which was one of the most influential communities of that area and an acclaimed center of Hassidic learning between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

Some extremely rare finds have been made over the years, particularly regarding tombstones marking the beginning of Jewish settlement in the region in the early sixteenth century.

More than 3,000 decorated tombstones from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have also been found.They have been the main focus of the Center’s work there.During the course of its expeditions in Ukraine, the Center has surveyed some 130 cemeteries and documented around 70 in the regions of Galicia, Volyn, Podolia and Bukovina.The most lavish of them, the city’s Great Synagogue (left), was built by a Jewish architect from St.Petersburg Jacob Gevirts, who had won the competition for the synagogue’s design held by the community.His grave is covered by a small memorial structure known as an ohel, this one resembling a small synagogue with windows.

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