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After this leisurely read you'll wonder how you ever went by so long without flexing.

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Parallax scrolling is a visual technique where elements on the page move or animate at different speeds as the user scrolls the page, creating depth and visual intrigue.

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This tutorial walks you through how to create a simple parallax scrolling effect using CSS and Java Script.

With today's challenge of building webpages that look right in the myriad of different devices comes CSS media queries, a nifty CSS feature that builds upon CSS Media types of CSS 2.1 to help you easily cater your page based on the aforementioned factor and more.

CSS3's multi-column module magically divvies up any piece of content across the desired number of columns, creating that elegant newspaper layout.

In this tutorial we'll take a look at how it all works, and also, creating responsive CSS3 columns.

In this tutorial we'll deliver the promise of Java Script Promises to the uninitiated!

A hot trend in web design these days is the use of sticky headers, where the header becomes temporarily fixed on the page whenever the user starts to scroll past it, keeping the element in view.

Most of us are familiar with using object detection or the Navigator object to check for backing for a given Java Script object or method, but these techniques do not work well when the objective is to check whether the browser supports a particular HTML element, such as the event fires whenever the user moves the mouse wheel either upwards or downwards, and can provide yet another way for users to interact with your Java Script.

In this tutorial, lets see how to take advantage of There are some new classes this Fall, CSS3 Structural pseudo-classes that is.

HTML5 introduces DOM Storage, a new way of storing data on the client side that overcomes the disk space limitations of Java Script cookies.

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