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Yeah, I think that’s a big part of his music background.

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The driving actually was really inspiring and that’s when I listened to our demos and then when I went to Normandy I had my own demos and came back (to finish) with the job we’ve done.I don’t regret a thing and I think neither does Dan: it was a healing process.On “Despair, Hangover and Ecstasy” you mention of the sacrifices of living on the road. Dan said once that he needed music and needed to create. Somehow the tour starves a piece of us as artists, it feeds us in a way because it gives us the social part of being a musician: meeting people, new people every day and being out there.I think we can feel that although he is not really aware of it, and I think it’s something that’s coming back and that people have been noticing that especially with the drumming and percussion.That’s kind of his own way and I’m sure it’s a mix of his traditions as well. Well you two met ten years ago scoring a soundtrack for a movie and later dance routines.Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti of The Dø - Photo: Peter Quincy Ng For musicians there’s always much more than just putting out a record.

Speaking to the The Dø’s Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti, the matter is no different.I tried to capture a new sound and I was not worried at all, using in the beginning but for the recording process I was just excited and impatient and that’s the best part of it.I think a common interview question has been about your 18th century water tower studio in Normandy.Interview: June 4, 2015 Written by Peter Quincy Ng: June 18, 2015 It’s been 4 years since the release of your last record “Both Ways Open Jaws”, and there are many comments about how “Shake Shook Shaken” has taken a more beat-driven sound.You mentioned you listened to a lot of hip-hop and electronica while making your current record.As Olivia explains, it’s a record that has been put together through the band’s most testing moments but for both Dan and Olivia, music was a cathartic process helping heal some of their wounds: a breakup and a death in the family.