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5.8 Having relationship with your single boss? Is it wise? 5.9 Can your boss kiss you without any emotional attachment? Misunderstood intentions in this type of situation can have serious consequences, especially if after a few dates with you, your boss starts flirting with the new secretary.

There are many things you need to establish - from learning the day to day requirements to getting to know your co-workers and the layout of the company. One of the most important will be developing a good relationship with your boss.

If your company prohibits this behavior, discuss this with your potential partner. Conduct your relationship outside of office hours, rather than on the job. « Dating in the work place... How to Make your Boss... »

Good relationships between a boss and employees can bring transformations in the productivity of a company and can be a contributing factor in its success. If you want to be in the good books of your boss, it is important to build healthy relation with your boss.

While there is no doubt it is a natural phenomenon - to fall for the boss - it has a whole host of potential complications, more so than dating a colleague on the same level as you. Once you are an adult a potential relationship with your boss may not necessarily have the same forbidden quality...

Dating. Power can be extremely attractive so it's unsurprising that many of us harbour a secret crush on our boss. But should you ever act on it? Starting a relationship with your boss puts your job in a vulnerable position whatever the outcome of the relationship.

It's National Boss's Day—an opportunity for employees to tell their managers how much they appreciate them. But some workers—especially those who have a bad relationship with their boss--have nothing to celebrate.

Here's a guide to a establishing a professional working relationship with your boss. Office Romance: 7 Rules for Dating Your Coworker. Office romance is at a 10-year low, according to ... Articles.

If you're dating your boss or are in love with them, keep these 12 tips in mind if you don't want your relationship to interfere with your work life. It's hard to resist a boss's charm. And it's harder when you're constantly interacting with them and getting attracted at the same time!

And, that's when it dawned on me: I was in a dysfunctional relationship—with my boss. Sadly, that relationship was a bit too far gone to salvage, and I eventually moved on , but I did manage to learn a few key warning signs to help me spot any future drama.

This kind of relationship is imperative as it will serve as a gateway for you to advance in whatever your profession may be. So how do you create a strong relationship with your boss? For starters, take to heart the following tips
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