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Sex dating old laydy basel

KV 64 consists of a rather small shaft and a burial chamber. 3.5 m deep and measures 1.20 m by 0.95 m at the bottom. Underneath this blocking were remains of an earlier wall covered with plaster, in front of which there was a flowerpot of Nile silt from the 18 dynasty.

Similar inscribed fragments were found near the tomb of Siptah by Howard Carter and by the Basel team of Mission Siptah – Ramses X, as well as by our team during this season outside tomb KV 29.

This year’s members of our team were: Susanne Bickel, director; Elina Paulin-Grothe, field-director; Tanja Alsheimer, archaeologist; Faried Adrom, egyptologist artist; Hans-Hubertus Münch, egyptologist; Claudia Gamma, egyptologist documentalist; Stephanie Vieli and Salome Keller, egyptologists BA; Erico Peintner, restorer; Agnieszka Wos-Jucker, textile restorer Abegg Stiftung Riggisberg; Salima Ikram, egyptologist, American University Cairo; Frank Rühli, anatomist, University of Zürich, and Matjaz Kacicnik, photographer.

KV 64 The principal event this season was the discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

In the undecorated tombs KV 26, KV 29, KV 30, KV 31, KV 32, KV 33, KV 37, KV 40, KV 59, KV 61, and KV 64 in the Valley of the Kings Susanne Bickel, Elina Paulin-Grothe This year’s season of the University of Basel in the Valley of the Kings started on January 07th, 2012 and lasted until April 15, 2012. Mohamed Ismail Khaled; the General Director of Egyptian Antiquities Department Dr.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Minister of State for Antiquities Dr. Abd el-Hamid Marouf; the General Director of the Antiquities of Upper Egypt Dr. Mansour Boreik; the Inspectorate of Western Thebes and its General Director Dr.

In the northern half of the room a black painted coffin with yellow inscriptions and figures still stood in situ top of the debris.

At the foot end of the coffin a wooden painted stela was leaning against the western wall (Fig. The coffin and the stela belong to a chantress of Amun called Nehmes-Bastet.This badly broken mummy is probably the original first owner of the tomb.Work in KV 40 Tomb KV 40 lies on the slope on the east side of the path leading towards the tomb of Thutmosis III, to the north of KV 59 and northwest of KV 26.Mohamed Abd El-Aziz; the Director of the West Bank Mr.Nour Abd El-Ghaffar; the Director of the Valley of the Kings Mr. Ali Reda and Said Mamdouh for their helpful cooperation, assistance and advice during our working season.During the season of 2011, three edges of an unknown man-made feature were revealed at 1.80m north of KV 40, on the 25 of January, the first day of the Egyptian revolution.

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