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Speed dating switzerland - Cam shadow

We would like to raise the point that it will be advantageous for everyone if your visualization is reproducible so rather than using layout software, we would appreciate submissions based on code (e.g.

Meeting colleagues and potential new collaborators is one of the most exciting tasks at scientific conferences.Enjoy the organic food from the buffet, and have a beer/wine/juice/a beverage of your choice with your old and new colleagues!Dear participants, there will be a visualization award at this years conference.We are looking forward to an hour of fruitful, albeit short, encounters of students and established scientists!The 31st of January is fast approaching and it is now time to finalize your preparations for the Sus Chem Brokerage and Project Submission Workshop that will take place at the Sheraton Brussels Hotel, Place Rogier 3 in Brussels on that date. To submit your proposal log-in with your Sus Chem username and password and click on “Propose a project” from the homepage.There are no restrictions - plots can be static or interactive/animated, color or greyscale, small or big, basic or advanced...

All submissions will be on exhibition during the conference and will be judged by the participants. Venue: Foyer (1st & 2nd floor) Meet your friends and colleagues and everybody you haven't seen since the last Gf!We are still experimenting with the menu, but we are getting there... Location: Rotkehlchen (Waggonhalle) Address: Rudolf-Bultmann-Strae 2a, 35039 Marburg Fee: 25 EUR Beautiful location in an old railway building with a beer garden.We provide a data set including a number of bars, restaurants and other fundamental amenities in Marburg so you can familiarize yourselves with the place before coming here.All places include geographic coordinates along with other attributes (such as address and elevation).We introduce all participating senior scientists on the new Gf-facebook account.