Updating a couch

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Updating a couch

So we settled on the little number pictured below—which I’m happy to report disassembles and packs flat (! We replaced our tiny-apartment coffee table with a dining table.

I think it’s helped Plumblossom, too—since she’s accustomed to sitting at a proper table for meals, she’s remarkably well-behaved in restaurants and at dinner parties.

Our house has an open floor plan—the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all in one big space. In our new digs, we did a 180 and replaced the two chairs (figuratively, not literally—they were left behind in England long ago) with a couch. Second, we entertain friends and family quite often; some are older, some are posher ;-), and most are generally not enthusiastic about sitting on the floor.

We made do for some time with the futon we had in storage (seen in Our Dirty Secret)—but the foam was disintegrating, the cover was threadbare, and the heavy metal folding mechanism proved too much of a hazard for my daughter’s curious little fingers.

Babies and toddlers can be messy eaters—and while the tiles can be individually-removed and washed (yay! The patchwork allows us to do so without worrying about a color or pattern being discontinued (we simply pick a new one out of the sale section).

Another plus for carpet tiles: if/when we move, they can all be stacked into a pizza-sized box and easily transported.

Here we are updating a document in the database named tutorials_point.

You will get the list of documents in the database as shown below.In particular, inquiring minds want to know: do we have more, less, the same, or different stuff than we had before? Shelf for Plumblossom’s toys and books In our former tiny apartment, we had two lounge chairs and a coffee table instead of a couch. The couch provides a low, wide space for her acrobatics, without the tipping potential of chairs.The answer: a little bit more, but really just different. The reason: we moved often, seldom entertained, and had no real need for a large and unwieldy piece of furniture (see my post, Questioning the Couch). Sure, IMO, cushions on the floor would be even better, but…You can find the _rev of the document in the document itself, as shown below − To delete a document open the url to get an Overview/index page of Couch DB as shown below.Select the database in which the document to be updated exists and click it.Suppose there is a document with id 001 in the database named my_database.

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