Wellesley students dating

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Wellesley students dating - No regisration sex cams

And because regardless of sexual preferences, most of us want to meet men, even if just to have a more relaxed conversation than we usually can with our perpetually stressed-out fellow Wellesley students. And at last count, there were about a gazillion of those. And then someone pipes up: “You’re not just bad at math. “You probably owned the one programmed to say ‘math is hard.’ Well, let me tell you something.

Because, honestly, no one likes Love Actually THAT much. Even though Wellesley is a small school, it’s not as if we all know who was totally trashed on Friday night or who hooked up with whom on Saturday because these instances could have taken place at just about any campus around Boston. You might be hanging out with your friends, discussing how your calc class is killing you because you’re just bad at math.

But none of them can be pinned down as the “typical” women’s college or Wellesley student.

And get this: just as Wellesley students are not limited to being any of those four stereotypes, we’re also not limited to fitting just one either.

Sure, at times, it’s hard to see, like when someone hides away in the social science building for ten hours to study for her econ midterm (oh, wait, is that me?

) or when a first-year (there are no freshmen at a women’s college) gets ridiculously dolled up for her first frat party following her first week in an estrogen-only environment (oh, wait, is that me, circa fall 2007?

So, now that I’ve cleared up the question of who comes here, let’s talk about who goes here. All four of those stereotypes exist here just as they all exist, at, oh I don’t know…a co-ed college.

Women’s college students are often described in one of four ways: nerds, sluts, angry feminists, or lesbians. Some of them exist in higher numbers here than at other schools.), but we all have real depth beyond superficial labels (oh, wait, that’s me too! That’s because all four stereotypes are based on assumptions that are just wrong.The nerd stereotype is based on the assumption that because we chose strong academics over men, we’re incapable of leaving the library. The lesbian and angry feminist stereotypes assume that because we attend a women’s college, we came to Wellesley because we don’t want or need men around.You honestly don’t know an integral from a derivative, but you let it go. Until today, you still thought women’s feet were supposed to be molded into a shape that perfectly fits a high heel.And neither is anything that could result in someone getting offended. But deep down, my tendency to mock certain aspects of my all-women’s college comes from my belief that women should be allowed to do everything that men do. Details of our sex lives aside, there are many misconceptions about women’s colleges.