What does dating look like

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Celebrity sites would allow visitors realize their fantasies of having a baby from their crush.

The technology makes it really easy for couples to create and share babies’ pictures.

Even supplying low-resolution scratched black-and-white photos results in a high-quality color rendering!

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about three months now.

After that, the technology generates a picture of a baby’s face by averaging those characteristics.

Baby Morphing always provides results of the highest quality regardless of the quality of the parents’ pictures.

Baby Morphing is truly universal in its applications as the technology is fully automated, and works without any human interaction.

The Baby Morphing technology revolutionizes the way in which baby’s pictures are generated.

The technology generates high-resolution, high-quality faces of babies from facial shots of a couple of people.

Baby Morphing provides consistent quality results that do not depend on the quality of the pictures of the parents.

Make Me Babies is using advanced face detection technology to predict what your baby will look like.

Upload your photo, your partner's photo and make a baby in seconds!

Instead of simply mixing the faces or morphing one picture into another half way as virtually all competing technologies do, Baby Morphing works in a different, unique fashion.

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    Unfortunately, not many people have a chance to be in more than a few, if any, serious relationships before they make their big decision. And given that a person’s partnership persona and relationship needs are often quite different from the way they are as a single person, it’s hard as a single person to really know what you want or need from a relationship.

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