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My history of work I have captured for the last 3 or 4 years this way and can extract patterns and themes, and if I want to accomplish something over the long term build it into the short term goals to see improvements over the years.I have refined this system for a few years, and it has been the best thing at keeping me on track and focused for a long while now. The tools to support this kind of process is super light weight, which is one of the advantages.

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# Links * various links * sometimes sub link sections # Goals ### Daily * daily reminders * check calendar * share standup * etc ### Weekly * review Asana * review Jira * weekly reflection * etc ### Monthly * branch cleanup * AWS usage monitoring * etc # Weekly Monday template see template below, but a template to fill out each Monday # Current * current high level * team goals # Symbol Key see template below, a key for notes # Standup ### Monday, Oct 11th ### Tuesday, Oct 12th ### Wednesday, Oct 13th ### Thursday, Oct 14th ### Friday, Oct 15th # History All the previous week's standups get moved here.Markdown notes work well because it is quick and free form.I still occasionally take notes on paper, but I transfer things into my Markdown notes at the end of each day.Often if something doesn’t get a checkmark, it gets copied into the next day, so I can continue to make progress against it. The section where I put in what I plan to do for a day, but also adjust it to what I am doing during the day.At the start of the week, I write down a few of the things I know for the full week.I fill this out each Monday and share it in our * Out of office / Holidays / Vacation * TZ, US, Russia * Dev vacays etc...

* Updates: * info about a big release or test planned for the week * dates and times for brown bags, etc * Articles: * some good links * from recent articles The current section lets me add some higher level goals and keep them just above my weekly standup notes, so I keep them in mind.

It is good to be able to keep track of the daily work you do and to keep a focus on important larger initiatives.

While working as a team having software that supports robust communication and integrations is necessary, I find it overkill for personal daily use, quick tracking, and reflection over time.

At the start of each week, I share a bit of a week’s summary with the team.

It is a great way to make sure people are on the same page and remind of anything out of the ordinary like Holidays in one of the countries where we operate.

I have instead followed a different practice for years, that I have shown a few people who have also found it helpful.

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