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Who is cameron diaz dating 2016 - feetdating

It looks as though Cameron Diaz may have updated her wedding ring.On Tuesday, the actress, who recently completed her second book, was spotted out and about in LA, flashing a massive diamond stunner on her left hand.

“I am becoming more curious about how I will feel, both mentally and physically, when this new phase of life begins.” Although a pregnancy hasn’t been confirmed, Diaz and Madden were recently spotted out and about on a group date with Nicole Richie and her husband, Joel Madden, who also happens to be Benji’s twin brother.Although the photos are not concrete evidence of a pregnancy, it would not be surprising given how Diaz and Madden are currently trying to have a baby. Following a short engagement period, the two love birds married in 2015.According to , the two exchanged vows in a private ceremony that took place inside their home. ’ Then I was like ‘Oh, I get it, you just know when you know, like you’re my husband,” she said., the group shared an evening together at The Line Hotel this past weekend.Diaz was spotted wearing dark clothes and a long jacket, which naturally led some fans to speculate that she was covering up a baby bump.According to , Diaz is currently putting her acting career on hold in order to start a family.

Although the actress is starting to get up in age, she still has an opportunity to be a mother, though that window is continuing to shrink.

"Someone asked me, 'What's your favorite thing about being married?

' and I said, 'I just learned so much about myself.' I didn't know these things.

And I wouldn't have learned them if I didn't get married.' So it's a double-edged sword." Cameron, who wed Madden in 2015 after eight months of dating, also revealed her nicknames for her man. "'Muh-buh.' You know how things start 'baby' then to 'bae' then it goes to 'buh'?

Cameron Diaz has been with Benji Madden since 2014, yet she has managed to keep her heated romance with the Good Charlotte singer largely a secret.

I would have never known them if I didn't have my husband to help me.” She went on to joke, "And they said, 'What's the worst thing about being married?

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