Who is debbie morgan dating

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Who is debbie morgan dating

She was later shot by Oliver Saxon and suffered from a blood clot during surgery.

Also, she develops a lot of anxiety over finding out about Dexter being a serial killer and going to prison, and it finally culminated when she confronted Dexter and Maria.This was of course not one of Dexter's 'normal' killings, (if you could even call it that) he wanted to do the humane thing for his sister. Her face was soft and somewhat thin, with a big smile.Her hair was ever changing, going from one length to another (and in Season 3, even cutting off a lot of it), but, typically, it remained light brown.She is a lot of things that Dexter is not; crass, impulsive, emotional, trusting and thus serves as a perfect foil for Dexter.She highlighted his shortcomings in his attempts to be "human".Her attire was one of the most variable throughout the series.

As soon as she's allowed into Homicide, she quickly adopted designer suits, thus making her one of the best dressed officers in Homicide.Her adopted brother is Dexter Morgan, the main protagonist and Serial Killer of the series...while both were raised by Deb's biological parents; Harry and Doris Morgan.Her at-home attire was very casual compared to her work clothing, usually consisting of T-shirts and blue jeans.Debra was not shy with curse words, but was also lonesome, despite the tough persona she presented.Debra's ability to be "one of the guys" was what allowed her to be so effective at her job.

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