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UPDATE: See the “Related Posts” at the bottom for the sequel to this post if you want to see more. And, in a weird way, that’s why all those images of us looking so helpless, so gaunt, in heaps of nameless bodies, have become a morbid fascination for us. A story that shows our inner power, our inner turmoil in dealing with a situation we cannot comprehend, our attempts to gain justice, and our final steps into moving above and beyond our past and into a new future. And today, on Yom Ha Shoa, 2013, it’s about time that story got told.

There is something beyond moving about this image that shows the prisoners, still in their garb, still in their prison, but liberated and celebrating the most important day of the week.

Such a show of support, in so united a way is displayed beautifully in this picture from a rally in 1937.

This amazing photo has made the rounds recently as well.

This is actually a cleaned up version of a photo posted by u/FTZ on Reddit.

It depicts his grandfather, recently liberated from the Holocaust, aiming a gun at a Nazi soldier.

The kind that celebrate with champaign and cigarettes.

I hope they’re still celebrating, wherever they are.

Read more about this special rabbi in this obituary in the New York Times.

This once in a lifetime image depicts Holocaust survivors at the moment of realizing they are liberated.

That’s the narrative that’s been spread about Jews for the last 70 years since the Holocaust. We can’t seem to address antisemitism without running to the world and screaming that we’re being persecuted, rather than standing up strongly in defiance, aware of our own inner strength. But in the end, they do one thing that we desperately need as a people: they tell the real story of the Holocaust.

We, and by extension the rest of the world, have chosen to define the Holocaust with these images. For some reason, we don’t usually hear about American Jewry during World War II, so you may be heartened to know that in 1933, American Jews organized a nation-wide boycott of Nazi-Germany.

If you look carefully, you can see just how packed this room is.

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