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My name is Hadassa Noble and I work as a wing girl for Kezia Noble, the world’s leading female pick-up coach, here in the United Kingdom.In my line of work, I often have to ask my students what their type of woman is (in order to point out possible girls for them to approach).

There are other black women who would hear that a white guy is interested and think, “Of course he is. Black is beautiful.” They would take a chance on the guy you’ve “quickly” dismissed to see what, if anything, he has to say that might be interesting. Sometimes we can’t wrap our heads around the idea that anyone would want a black woman.We’ve heard from so many sources—including many black men—in so many different ways that black isn’t beautiful or worthy of respect or that there’s only one “type” of black that is.It’s unfortunate that folks buy into the racist hype.“Insecure,” “defensive” or maybe “counterproductive” would be more fitting.Here’s what’s insecure about it: You’re making extreme and quick generalizations about the nonblack guy’s outlook on black women—mainly that his interest in you must be some sort of Hottentot Venus fetish or something.” This is nothing strange, in fact it is very ordinary, nobody complains and everyone either agrees or disagrees politely.

However, when I am asked my type, I get a very different reaction. ” which is a rather sad reaction as it indicates a lack of self-esteem in many successful, good looking Asian men, who believe they are less appealing due to their race.

“When guys from other races approach me or seem to express interest, I feel like I am their cultural project and quickly shut it down. “Odd” implies that it’s out of the ordinary, but I’ve heard this reaction from some black women toward nonblack men several times.

They don’t say anything offensive, but I wonder why they want a ‘sistah’ when they have not ventured over to this side before—or seem to have not to. “Odd” isn’t the right word to describe your reaction.

Many guys I teach and speak to broadly claim that they are attracted to Scandinavians – “tall blondes from Sweden!

” Similarly, many women I speak to go ga-ga over Latino men – “their accents and dark features are so sexy!

Just as some men like tall Swedish blondes, I like Asian men – I have a preference for the facial features, less body hair, slighter build etc. However, when looking in further into the opinions of Asian men on women of other races favouring them I have found a less than appreciative reaction and in some circumstances I feel I have been personally attacked and accused of ethnic stereotyping and only liking Asian men because they fulfil a part of my so-called obsessions and lifestyle. As well as working as a wing girl I am a full time university student, who is devoting three years of her life (and £16,000 GBP approx.